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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Importing Contacts to LIVE

Take a look in your LIVE Address Book and you will notice that all of the district contacts have already been uploaded. In just a few steps, you can export any non-district email addresses from Groupwise and import them into your Contacts in LIVE.

GROUPS and ADDRESS BOOKS in Groupwise need to be addressed differently. If you have not created any GROUPS in Groupwise, skip down to the steps for Importing/Exporting Address Books. If you have created GROUPS, please follow both sets of instructions below.


Saving Contacts from GROUPS in Groupwise
 Groups do not import correctly into LIVE, so you will need to follow the directions below (video or written instructions) to create an Address Book for all of the contacts in your groups.

Reminder: This process will not work in Groupwise 7 (what you likely have on your desktop).
The first step in the process is to run the Groupwise 8 application from the Novell Delivered Application window.

Exporting ADDRESS BOOKS from Groupwise and Importing them to LIVE

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