Don't Miss A Post!

Don't Miss A Post!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moving Files from OneDrive (Personal Account) to OneDrive for Business

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a personal Microsoft account. Any district employee that was here about 3 years ago has an account. Anyone that joined the district more recently may not have an account. Although it started out as a district account, Microsoft separated it from our email accounts, and therefore it is now a PERSONAL account. The district has no access to this account, and therefore cannot help troubleshoot password problems.

As part of our district Office 365 account, we all have access to OneDrive for Business. You can access it with the OneDrive link that is in your Office 365 account online. Each user has 1 Terabyte of space ... that is HUGE!

If you have been saving documents into OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) and want to move them into OneDrive for Business, the video below walks you through the steps to download and install the OneDrive sync application and how to sync both your OneDrive contents and your OneDrive for Business contents. As soon as that is complete, you can easily drag files from one folder to the other on your computer, let it sync, and be done!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Changing your Display Name in Office 365

If you go by something other than your legal name, you might want to change your Display Name in Office 365. You cannot change the actual email address, but the Display Name is what others will see when you send an email.

Follow these simple steps to update your Display Name ...
  • Sign in to your Office 365 account on the web
  • Click the cog (gear) in the upper right corner > Options
  • Scroll down and click Edit Information
  • Click General (left)
  • Update Display Name and SAVE
This video walks you through the entire process.

Eduphoria Forethought FAQs

Welcome back, TEACHERS! As we begin another year, we get more questions about Eduphoria: Forethought than just about anything else. Here are our top few questions ... and answers!

Q:  My schedule has changed this year. How do I change that in Forethought?
A:  You can delete your old schedule and create a new one (Rest assured ... deleting a schedule will NOT delete any previous plans) or you can edit your exiting schedule.

 I have updated my profile (selected my new campus and/or new grade level, etc.) but I still see last year's TEKS in my lesson planner.
A:  Updating your profile is important, but does not affect your Forethought Lesson Planner or your PDAS. You will need to update your schedule and be sure that you select your new grade level when adding an entry. When it's time for your PDAS self report, your schedule must be updated to your current teaching assignment in order to easily insert TEKS in that report.

Q:  I changed my schedule, but I see last year's schedule on one (or more) of the days for this year. How do I replace it with my new schedule?
A:  Any time you click onto a day, the current schedule is "stamped" onto that day. If you see an old schedule, you can erase it and replace it with the current schedule by clicking on the "Magic Button" and selecting "Delete Today's Plans". (If you have actual plans on this day, they will be removed!)

Q:  How can I remove the default text, "Warm-Up, Materials, Procedures, and Evaluation" from every subject in my planner?
A:  You can highlight and delete the default text from your planner and replace it with whatever you or your principal prefers. You can change colors, fonts, styles, etc. You can even copy something from another application (Microsoft Word) and paste it into this field to replace the generic default text. When you are happy with your new template, you must click the wrench tool and select "Set Default Text for Entry". You will need to repeat this for every subject.
*Remember that if you have previously clicked on a day, you will see the old default text.

What other questions do you have about Eduphoria? What about any other district systems?