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Don't Miss A Post!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Creating a Shared Calendar

Creating a Calendar that can be shared by other EM-S ISD folks is easy to do.  This will be especially helpful for teams that plan together, campuses that want to create a "Computer Lab Check-Out Schedule" and more.

Creating a Calendar
  • Click Calendar from the lower left corner of your Windows LIVE inbox
  • Right-Click on My Calendars in the left column, and choose Create New Calendar ...
  • Name your new Calendar (give it a different name than any of your other calendars!)

Sharing a Calendar (and granting others editing privileges)
  • Select and right-click on the desired calendar
  • Click Share
  • Click Share this Calendar
  • Enter the email addresses for the desired recipients (or click To... to select recipients from the Global Address Book)
  • Be sure to select the appropriate option in the "Share" box before sending the email
    • All information will allow recipients to see everything on the calendar
    • All information with permission to add, edit, and delete will allow recipients (in district contacts only) to edit the calendar events.
  • Send the email. The recipients will need to click the "Add Calendar" link in the email in order to have access. 
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