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Don't Miss A Post!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Canvas Course Clean Up This Summer

This summer, all Canvas courses that were auto generated from teacher grade books will be removed. This will allow us to start the 2017-18 school year with a more organized Canvas environment, which will make it much easier for teachers and students to manage course content.

Although the courses will be deleted, there are two simple options for teachers to save course content for future use. It is the teacher's responsibility to create back-up copies of any desired courses prior to July 1.

Click here to learn more about the two types of Canvas Courses that can be found in our Canvas instance.


Commons is a cloud-based, digital library that allows educators to find, import, and share resources. When you share resources in Commons, you can choose to share with other Canvas users, with educators in our district or campus, or with only you.

NOTE: Courses shared to Commons do not include backups of student interactions or grades.

From the Home page of a course,
  • Settings > Share to Commons (right column)
  • Select and complete appropriate settings for this course
  • Sharing and License - You determine if you want the course (or course content) to be available to only you, anyone in your school (sub-accounts), anyone in your district, or any public Canvas user.
  • Title, Description, Tags, and Image are required fields
  • You can also include Grade levels and Outcomes.
  • Click Share.
Repeat this process for each course.


You can export a Canvas Course to a file that can be shared with another Canvas user or saved for your own current/future use. This file will need to be saved to a secure location (OneDrive) in order to be imported into any future courses.

NOTE: Canvas exports do not include backups of student interactions or grades.

From the Home page of a course,
  • Settings > Export Course Content
  • Select Course or Quiz
  • Create Export
  • After your content has been exported, click Download Link
Repeat this process for each course.

This video demonstrates both options. 

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