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Don't Miss A Post!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Managing Your {Office 365} Clutter

Clutter is a feature in Office 365 that is designed to help filter low-priority email out of your inbox. Clutter learns your preferences over a period of time based on your choices and interactions with email messages. As new email comes in, it takes messages you're most likely to ignore and puts them into the "Clutter" feature for you. You can "help" Clutter identify less important email by manually moving messages from your Inbox into the Clutter folder and vice versa. 

Want to learn more? This video explains how Clutter works!

Although Clutter was designed to help you save time, many district employees have recently reported that important messages are also being moved to Clutter. Some have even reported that District and Campus Administrators' messages are landing in the Clutter folder. If you see important messages in your Clutter folder, you can click and drag them into your Inbox to "teach" Clutter that you want to see messages like this in your inbox. Sometimes it takes a while for Clutter to learn your preferences. If you'd rather not have to worry about it, you can turn off the Clutter feature altogether.

How to Disable Clutter in Office 365
Don't see the video below? Click here to view online.

Want to learn more about Clutter? Check out this post from Microsoft: Use Clutter to sort low priority messages in Outlook

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