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Don't Miss A Post!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Request to Keep 15 GB Free Cloud Storage in Microsoft OneDrive (Personal Account)

There are two different types of OneDrive accounts. Many, but not all, EMS ISD employees have a personal Microsoft OneDrive account. Although your district email address is likely your username, it is no longer associated with the district at all, but it is now a personal account. The OneDrive for Business cloud storage option that is part of our Office 365 accounts is your official district cloud storage.

If you have a personal Microsoft OneDrive* account, you need to know that Microsoft recently announced that the amount of free online storage would be decreased from 15 GB to 5 GB for all users. This, understandably, created a bit of a backlash from OneDrive users. 

On December 11, Microsoft announced a limited-time offer that allows current OneDrive users to keep their existing 15 GB of free storage. Users must request to be grandfathered in by clicking this KEEP YOUR FREE STORAGE link before the end of January 2016. 

*This does NOT affect our EMS ISD Office 365 OneDrive for Business accounts. At this point, we all have 1 TB of free storage, but there are rumors that it could be unlimited space at some point in the future.

If you have questions about the two different accounts, please contact your district Instructional Technologist.

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