Don't Miss A Post!

Don't Miss A Post!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

REPLY ALL is the new default ... REALLY???

I'll admit it ... I've been guilty of hitting Reply All when I meant to hit Reply. Most of us have. That's what makes this recent Superbowl commercial so funny!

(Watch it, but then scroll down for the real reason you're here!)

If you access your email via Outlook on the web in Office 365 (as opposed to using Outlook 2013), you may have noticed a recent change. Apparently, REPLY ALL is now the default option instead of REPLY.

You can manually change this setting every time by clicking the small triangle next to the words Reply All and selecting Reply, Forward, or whatever you need to do for this particular email.

Or, you can go in and update your preferred settings so that REPLY is back to the default option. (Highly Recommend!!! Highly Recommend!!!) Follow these directions to change your settings:
  • Click the Cog (settings gear) icon in the upper right corner of your O365 window
  • Select Options

  • Select Reply Settings from the Mail menu
  • Select Reply from the Reply Settings options
  • Click Save

Now, when you send an email, your default options should say REPLY again. 


  1. This is really a bit unbelievable. I had a user mention this to me today. I would be shocked if this default was not changed to "Reply" and pushed out by MS sometime soon. It's just begging for an incident. Someone at MS must have been asleep at the wheel on this one.

    1. I agree - seems like a very odd choice for a default. We'll keep watching to see when it switches back.