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Monday, September 10, 2012

Setting up Outlook 2010 on your Computer at School

This is a repost of information from August 2011.

You can always go to or to access your school email, but Outlook 2010 (Client email program) is a more efficient way of accessing your email, calendars, tasks, and more. Setup is quick and easy!

  1. Open Outlook 2010 (Go to Start > Programs > Office 2010 > Outlook 2010) 
  2. Click Next
  3. On the window that asks “Would you like to configure an Email account?  Select Yes and then Next
  4. Enter your account information for your Live Email.
    1. Make sure that you enter your complete email address. 
    2. Click Next 
  5. You will see Outlook process your account information, this should go pretty quickly. 
  6. If you see a window prompting you for your password, enter your Windows Live sign-in information.
    1. You will probably want to click for it to “Remember my password” but if you do this, just make sure you are on your personal or teacher dedicated computer, and that if you step away from your computer you lock it (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Lock this Computer). 
  7. Next you should see a window that says “Your email account is successfully configured."  Click Finish. 
  8. When you are prompted with “Would you like to add a Hotmail Account?” Select No.
  9. Select to “Use Recommended Settings” and click OK.
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If you have any problems setting up Outlook 2010 on your teacher computer, please contact your CTI or IT.

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